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BONUM and BASF signed a cooperation agreement.

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The new strategic partner of BONUM Machine-Building Plant is German concern BASF, the leader of the world chemical industry.


In May 2020 was providen the first delivery of „Glasurit 68“ enamel to BONUM. In October, the plant fully switched over to BASF paintwork materials.

The cooperation is based on general principles of work and requirements to the quality of products. For example, BONUM plant equipment is adapted to the harsh climatic conditions, and the technology of commercial vehicles Glasurit RATIO Truck 68 paintwork meets the high requirements of the industry and provides high-quality and durable paint coating.


The use of this technology allows to reduce the time of work, increase resistance to the environment and guarantee a perfect appearance of the coating in different operating conditions.

Such results can only be achieved through strict quality control at all stages of production. All BASF materials go through several quality control stages, from raw materials to the finished product, which further guarantees the unrivaled properties of Glasurit paints. The confidence of our customers is yet another proof of product quality.


By combining the multistage Prime System 3S paint technology with Glasurit 68 Series paints, we have achieved the design that become a living advertisement for the customer's business on the road. And we will support and develop this trend.

Continuous customer support is a key principle of the BONUM machine factory and the BASF group. Competent specialists are always in touch and provide professional technical support to their customers.

Commenting on the first results of the partnership, Andrey Artamonov, Head of Paint and Coatings for Commercial Transport, is confident: "Cooperation between two leading companies in their industries inevitably generates a powerful synergy effect. The result of this effect is products that are superior in quality to the best European counterparts".

About BASF

BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. In our activities, we combine economic success with respect for the environment and social responsibility. The BASF Group's approximately 114,000 employees contribute to the successful development of our customers' businesses in various industries in virtually every country in the world. BASF business structure comprises five main segments: chemicals, specialty products, functional materials and solutions, agricultural solutions and oil and gas. More information about BASF and the Glasurit brand is available at and

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