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Universal BONUM container semi-trailer

Container semi-trailer is a type of freight equipment designed to transport containers of different types and volumes over long distances.
The new model is designed in the best traditions of BONUM plant, taking into account the world experience in production and operation of this type of equipment. The BONUM container carrier combines versatility, reliability, efficiency and attractive appearance.
Universal BONUM semi-trailer is capable of carrying from 1 to 2 20-foot containers, as well as 40-foot containers and containers of increased height "High-Cube".
Such versatility became possible thanks to a detailed design of the frame of stepped type and the correct selection of fitting locks.
The frame is made of high-strength steel S700, due to which the semi-trailer is light and durable. The BONUM container trailer is equipped with all necessary equipment of the world market leaders, which provides comfortable and ergonomic operation for every day.
Structurally, the container trailer is designed to carry the maximum weight of the cargo while remaining within the weight control. It is equipped with outrigger axle, which provides uniform loading throughout the coupling, and the low weight of the semi-trailer allows you to take more cargo.
BONUM container semi-trailer fit perfectly into the process of intermodal transportation. This type of transportation saves you from reloading when changing modes of transport (sea, rail, road) and allows you to safely deliver the cargo in one piece for any unlimited distances.
Advantages of BONUM container semi-trailer, such as light weight, rugged construction, quality components have a beneficial effect on the development of the industry and make cargo transportation even more efficient and reliable.