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The new model of the BONUM AGRO LINE trailers


We are pleased to inform you that the steel tipper grain carrier BONUM has successfully passed

the tests, during which it showed excellent results.

The model is available for order in volume of 46-58 m3 on three or four axle chassis.

The steel dump grain trailer BONUM is equipped with:

- three hydraulic cylinders by Mariz (Binotto)

- a flow divider for even lifting of hydraulic cylinders

- the hydraulic stroke limiter Runstop 200

The special design of the body increases the strength and load capacity of the machine.

The crossbars along the body reinforce the rigidity of the machine.

Like all BONUM machines the new steel tipper semitrailer is ergonomically optimised. Safety slings are provided for the driver and the operator, which will not allow raising the body above For the driver, there are straps that prevent raising the body above the permissible height and a hydraulic travel limiter.

To order and for consultation please contact us - marketing@bonum-trailer.ru