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Developing BONUM Agro


We would like to share with you the news about BONUM's Agro direction. Every day, our specialists are working hard to make it more convenient and pleasant for farmers to buy and work with the equipment.

1) A working group of highly qualified BONUM technicians was organized for visits to customers throughout Russia.

The group is ready to come and help to supervise equipment installation, setup and adjustment of all the operating systems of semitrailer, to consult on any issues related to the operation of equipment.


As part of individual business trips, we have already visited our customers and continue to do so, so that we can assess the technical condition of the vehicle and receive feedback directly from the operator: drivers, mechanics and company managers. This practice allows us to take care of our customers.



2) We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our dealer network and now BONUM agricultural machinery is represented in Russian regions.

This means that in almost all regions you can come and see the equipment and, if you wish, buy or place an order.


The specialists of dealer centre are systematically trained at BONUM plant, so they can answer all the questions related to our technique and pick up the best option and configuration of a semi-trailer for you and your business.



3) We have signed important pricing agreements with our leasing partners ROSAGROLISING and TATAGROLISING.


Thus, all equipment from BONUM range of agricultural machinery can be purchased on favourable terms and with discounts.


We remind that we cooperate with all leasing companies. The partners of BONUM offer special terms, one of them is a reduced leasing rate.