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We have developed together a unique tipper semitrailer model

Now we are talking about close cooperation with Italian engineers and technologists.
We have developed together  a unique tipper semitrailer model.
Versatility is the key feature of the new model. With the BONUM tipper you can
use the vehicle not only for its intended purpose (transport of agricultural goods),
but also to transport palletized cargo.
The body width is designed for loading two pallets in a row. 
Consequently, the transport efficiency is at least doubled.



Benefits of the new model:
Lightweight aluminium box body;
Capacity 45 m3, length/width/height 11,000/2550/1700 mm - body width allows two rows of pallets;
European quality and design;
Double sided tipping with 3 hydraulic cylinders by Binotto.
Many years of experience with European companies and years of built up communication helped us to implement this complicated, but very necessary for the Russian market project.
Soon Russian companies will be able to buy European-quality equipment,
adapted to the Russian realities at prices pleasant for this level of technology.
Stay tuned for more details