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Project "Productivity and Employment Support"

At the end of October we hold an Information Day - a meeting of managers with the team, where we summed up the first results of the project at the pilot flow and set new goals.

During the Awareness Day, the General Director awarded the most active participants, thanks to whom the first results were achieved.

Thank-you notes  and valuable gifts were given to: Senior Technologist N.I. Zharkova, Technologist I.I. Karasev, Brigadier V.P. Vryazhkin, and Collector V.E. Sizentsev. , Master S.A. Emchenko, Master A.P. Samoshenko. welder Petrenko P.S., foreman Krivosheev D.I., painter Zubov D.S. and others.


More information about the "Labour Productivity and Employment Support" project and BONUM results can be found on the Official Portal of the Rostov Region Government - https://www.donland.ru/news/11152/