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BONUM bitumen tanker new model

We have developed and produced the new model of BONUM bitumen tanker.

A new model is semi-trailer tanker for bitumen with 4 axles and wheel arrangement 3+1.

The axel is offset from the primary group by 2 500 mm — that allows to increase a permissible load to 9 — 7,5 7,5 7,5 — respectively

BONUM 3+1 model benefits:

• Tonnage of the transported product Increase through the increase of critical axes loads

• Reduced pressure on the saddle-coupling device of the truck and upon semi-trailer axles

• This model allows to transport up to 28 tons of freight, without exceeding permissible load on semi-trailer axles

• Up-to-date pneumatic Wabco brake System and OptiLink module provide safety, maneuverability and convenience.

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