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Belagro 2019

BONUM plant Specialists have attended the international specialized Belagro-2019 exhibition which took place from June 4 to June 9 in Belarus.

This year the exhibition has brought together over 550 companies from 29 countries and more than 3000 experts of the agricultural sector.

The agrarian forum “BELAGRO” is an important event for employees of the agrarian industry: scientists, engineers, technologists, experts and management — everybody who make and deliver machinery and equipment for agriculture.

The international agrarian forum “BELAGRO” both assembles experience in agro-industrial mechanical engineering and provides original innovative solutions in the sphere of ecologically safe materials and waste-free technologies.

Our purposes were to obtain new knowledge, acquaintance with colleagues from other countries and enterprises, study the market trends such as environmental concern.

The benefits of forum and knowledge that we received there exceeded our expectations.

All gained knowledge and inspiration is going to be adopted in our future projects which we will present you soon.