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BONUM set is improved without price rising

We choose components for our semi-trailers carefully and thoughtfully.

Thanks to this approach, we have achieved the unity of quality, functionality and beauty of BONUM semi-trailers.

Direct cooperation with the component manufacturers allows us to negotiate each position and receive the details developed for our plant.

Thus, we managed to improve the quality of the components and the appearance of the machinery, without increasing the cost of semi-trailers.

Our innovations:

1) Plastic boxes for fire extinguishers and for sand DAKEN premium edition;

The Italian company DAKEN specializes in the production products for commercial vehicles. DAKEN products are beautiful, reliable, and durable. The quality of components is confirmed by European certificates.

2) Water tanks and chillers with brackets Lokhen from the premium line;

Manufacturer Lokhen works by the new technology, producing products that satisfy strict safety requirements. Lokhen products are functional and sightly.

For the BONUM plant, Lokhen released a proprietary line with the matte brackets.

3) Continental tires (Continental);

The brand Continental is recognized as one of the best tire brands by specialized publications. Safety (especially on snow-covered, dry and wet roads) — is the main advantage of Continental tires, important for the Russian climate.

Reducing fuel consumption increases the overall profitability of the BONUM vehicle.

The whole picture of the brand always consists of details.

Therefore, the BONUM plant team pays so much attention to the selection of components, leaving only those that meet the strict requirements of our production.

Making the BONUM technique more functional and better every day — is the way that we chose for ourselves.