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BONUM bitumen tankers

Bitumen — is specific in transportation substance.

It could be transporting and storing only in a liquid state, because the maintenance of a bituminous mass temperature is 220 ° C.

We took into account all the details and features of transportation of bitumen and designed the construction of Bonum bitumen tanker.

Engineers in cooperation with the sales department made researchers,

using reviews, and recommendations of clients, with experience in this area.

BONUM developed the following construction of the tanker:

— Outer casing, made of stainless chromium steel;

— Thermal insulation with composite materials based on mineral wool Isover (150 mm);

— Installation of steam heating ( if necessary )

For transportation on short distances You don’t need the steam heating.

We help to choose the useful complete set for customers, taking into account the specifics of their company.

So we save customers money in both the short and long term.