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BONUM philosophy is based on two concepts — customer-oriented approach and equipment ergonomics.

BONUM philosophy is based on two concepts — customer-oriented approach and equipment ergonomics.

Of course, the main purpose of trucks is to perfectly perform the functions they are created for.

Nevertheless, it is possible to improve performance characteristics, durability, reliability and other parameters of a semi-trailer by means of changes in construction that may appear insignificant at first sight, but they considerably affect productivity, and therefore profit of your company.

Foremost it is important to understand that the equipment is operated by people. Using the equipment they perform certain operations every day, year in year out.

The total income of an enterprise depends on how effectively a worker operates.

The design of BONUM track semi-trailer is made with due regard to this important factor. Convenient boxes, nonslip track, maneuverability, improved braking system — these are only a part of improvements that facilitate the work of drivers and operators that use BONUM equipment.

Also, before we take on production of equipment for a particular company, we thoroughly analyze its activities, geographical location (road and climate conditions) and other important factors.

Further on our experts develop methods for design improvement based on the analysis results.

Such approach allows creating equipment that fully meets the requirements and corresponds to the specific character of the enterprise.

BONUM Manufacture continually strives for technological excellence.

Despite the achieved results, we won’t be complacent and will be doing more, because there is always an opportunity to make the machinery even better.

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best of what exists, and do better. If the better does not exist, create it.”

Frederick Henry Royce