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BONUM Trade In Program

The BONUM Trade In programs – specal way of the equipment  purchasing. 

We and our partners developed the BONUM Trade In programs according to which client can update the auto fleet and "utilize" old equipment at the same time without losing his  profit.

Benefits of BONUM Trade In:

  • Fast registration of the transaction;
  • Economy of current assets of firm;
  • Lack of an outage of technology;
  • Opportunity to complete auto fleet with new equipment, in case of the minimum costs;
  • Possibility of payment of a difference for various credit and leasing programs;
  • Legal purity of the transaction;

You can receive details of the BONUM on the phone : +7 (928) 621-00-09 

We will consider all factors to pick up the program which will be the most profitable to Your entity.