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New BONUM semi-trailers for the transport of steel in coils.

BONUM COIL is a dream for the steel industry.

Anyone who has experienced the transportation of steel coils knows how many nuances there are in transporting such a load. The complicated shape and large weight of metal coils make it difficult to transport them in a conventional curtain-sided semi-trailer.

The BONUM plant knows the best way to transport metal coils. For this purpose, we have developed a special curtain semi-trailer — a special configuration that makes the transport of coiled metal easier.

At first glance, the BONUM COIL does not differ from the curtainsider trailer. The most interesting thing is hidden inside. Inside there is a special chute in the floor with a length of 9 meters of trapezoidal section.

On the frame perimeter, in addition to the standard BONUM Stanchion(conics) boxes, additional Stanchion boxes are welded on the edges of the frame chute. They allow the driver to optimally position and securely fix the coils.

We have calculated and prepared a scheme for positioning the most common types of coil to distribute the load as accurately as possible on all axles of the truck train. In simple terms, it is as easy to transport one 30-tonne coil as several smaller coils.

Also on the perimeter of the frame of the «roll» version there are reinforced lugs designed to secure the coil — transportation must be safe.

The semitrailer turned out to be universal — if instead of steel bales it is necessary to transport usual cargo (e.g. pallet), the chute is covered with plywood inserts and the floor is as flat as the usual curtain.

An important point to note is that the BONUM COIL’s frame has been designed so that a semi-trailer loaded with steel coils has a lower centre of gravity than a standard curtain, which has a positive effect on the stability of the semitrailer on the road, due to the specifics of the load it carries.

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