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BONUM open-sided semitrailer

One more new product of the BONUM plant is an open on-board semitrailer.
The open-sided semitrailer is a reliable and indispensable helper for the transportation of a wide variety of cargoes:
construction materials, rolled metal products, pallets, bulky products (machines, engines), etc.
Semitrailer BONUM is ready to transport any of the above cargoes.
Flatbed BONUM semi-trailer design is very similar to the tilt semitrailer. In the side strapping of the frame, as well as in the BONUM curtain, in addition to the countersunk loops there are holes for lashing straps.
The difference is that the semitrailer has got removable stands and sides, so the semitrailer could be used also as an open loading platform.
The semitrailer successfully passed all the necessary tests.
Moreover, the first operators have already had the opportunity to appreciate the novelty, noting that transportation of goods has become much easier due to the well thought-out equipment of the semi-trailer.