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Testing of BONUM tipping semitrailers

We provide testing of BONUM tipping semitrailers.
The semi-trailers showed excellent results!
We tested:
- loading with grain with the help of a front loader;
- weighing of empty and loaded semitrailers;
- The work of hydraulic system.
The BONUM tipping semitrailer proved its efficiency and practicality.


Weighing results:
Tipper weight 7,250 kg
Truck weight 7,700 kg
Cargo weight 29 050 kg
The total weight of the semi-trailer loaded with 29 tonnes of grain is 44 tonnes, which fully complies with the requirements of the weight control.
This is a good result even for a flatbed grain carrier - but for a tipper grain carrier it is perfect.
The tipper semitrailer is heavier than the flatbed semitrailer due to the hydraulic system. However, we have managed to reach a weight of 7250 kg by replacing the steel body with an aluminium one.
The inside width of the body is 2.45 meters. Such a width enables two rows of pallets to be loaded.


The new BONUM tipping semitrailers allow you to
- Reduce loss of time and labour costs when unloading grain;
- The new BONUM grain trailers will: Reduce time and labour losses during unloading; deliver both agricultural and pallet loads; on the return trips and out of season harvesting.
- transport up to 29 tonnes (depending on the truck model) .