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Grain hoppers promotions

We delight our customers not only with high-quality and functional machines, but also with attractive bonuses.


Ordering any BONUM grain hopper until 10.04.2023,

You will receive a free seed drill loading kit!


A BONUM hopper is not only an efficient assistant - it is a profitable investment:

✅ increases harvesting output by 30-35%;

✅ suitable for a wide range of crops - grain, rice, peas, rapeseed, etc;

✅ can be used to load seeders or to load agricultural loads into wagons;

✅ the hopper is not harmful to the soil, thanks to special low-pressure tyres.


On the move, the BONUM storage hopper takes the harvested crops from the working harvesters and transports them to the trailer at the edge of the field. As a result, the combine harvesters work without downtime!

Find out from the BONUM specialists about the advantages of the hopper.