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AgroFest 2022

AgroFest is an extremely important event for raising up future generations of engineers and new stars of the agricultural industry. Interest and excitement for professionalism, self-development and achievement are generated from a young age.
Future specialists, communicating with industry leaders, absorb knowledge and are inspired to win.
In the process of work 8 teams were accompanied by experienced experts, acting specialists of the leading companies of agroindustrial complex and representatives of the Don State Technical University.
The BONUM plant project was the development of a trailed sprayer. The team's solution was the individual selection of a sprayer for farmland.
Thanks to the development and the wide range of options available, each customer will be able to implement the following technologies: steering axle, telemetry, boom with 2nd spraying line, air hose and differentiated application.
The project was the winner in the Best Research Project category.
The BONUM factory already occupies a leading position in the production of agricultural machinery: bunker loaders, grain carriers and tipper tractor semi-trailers. Keep an eye out for new products in the BONUM AGRO LINE.