Machine-building plant
BONUM – quality, reliability, durability

Company overview

The mission of BONUM company is manufacture of high-quality semi-trailers, adapted for severe Russian weather and road conditions.


12 year work experience on truck and trailers market and up-to-date equipment allows creating innovative products that meet international standards and market requirements.


Each stage of production is strictly controlled.


We carry out a careful selection of suppliers of raw materials and accessory equipmenton compliance to the Russian and international quality standards.


An exclusive comprehensive quality management system"BONUM TR-CONTROL SYSTEM"was developedspecially for BONUM manufacture.


The aim of the system is the optimization of production process and giving improved performance of tank semi-trailers.


Each finished product passes rigorous tests on checking of its safety.


BONUM is highly automated production plant; the human factor is minimized.


We give preference to the equipment from world leading manufacturers, selecting the best ones in the industry.


We are proud of our production level and quality of our products.BONUM semi-trailers have improved operating characteristics: high maneuverability, superior durability, reliability and attractive appearance. 


Moving forward,BONUM Company is constantly developing the production capacity and new technological solutions, improving technical characteristics of tank semi-trailers.


We conduct surveys, study customers’ opinion regarding our benefits and weakpoints, and try to find the best ways for taking corrective measures.


We draw attention to all aspects: to functionality of semi-trailers, their durability and physical configuration.


We set a goal to come up to a completely new production level, create unique and high quality products and serve customers for years, making profit for them.


Bonum — quality, reliability, durability.