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BONUM Trade In

BONUM Trade In — is the way of exchanging of old cargo vehicles for the new BONUM tank semi-trailers with little surcharge.

Trade-in benefits:

  • High speed of the transaction;
  • Lack of idle time of commercial vehicles;
  • Opportunity to complete auto fleet with new equipment (with minimum costs)
  • No need to carry out pre-sale preparation;
  • Economy of current assets of firm;
  • Possibility of payment using various credit and leasing programs;
  • Legal purity of the transaction;

Operating procedure:

  • Provisional estimate of your equipment
  • Choosing of necessary model and set of BONUM tank semitrailer
  • Miscalculation of the difference and choosing payment method;
  • Payment and transfer of new equipment to use;

For participation in the BONUM Trade In program please call +7 (928) 621-00-09 or use inquiry form.