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For clients from Tatarstan


We offer a reduced leasing rate for all BONUM vehicles, check with your manager for full details.
Call +7 863 310 01 22.
We provide to 30% DISCOUNT on BONUM AGRO vehicles for customers from the Republic of Tatarstan.
Our leasing partner, TATAGROLISING, offers a 70/30 programme for purchasing agricultural vehicles
- 30% of the cost of vehicles is subsidised from the budget of the Tatarstan Republic.
- 70% is paid by the buyer.
The subsidy is available for agricultural producers and agribusiness enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The offer is valid when purchasing the following models of BONUM machinery:
    - Hopper grain trailers;
   - Tractor field semi-trailers;
   - On-board grain semi-trailer;
   - Dump grain semi-trailer with steel body;
   - Dump grain semi-trailer with aluminium body.


Agricultural machinery and equipment are subsidised under Decree No. 42 of the CMPT, dated 26 January 2018.
Hurry up to buy your BONUM on favourable terms.
Check with your BONUM manager for details and terms of promotions.
Call +7 863 310 01 22.