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Agricultural machinery promotion

For BONUM customers an advantageous offer is available when purchasing agricultural machinery for leasing:
up to 15% discount


High-quality agricultural machinery is a guarantee of a rich harvest.


Our machines are designed to make harvesting work faster and more productive.
With care for the soil and attention to efficiency.


This offer applies to the purchase of:
- BONUM hopper loaders
- Tipper tractor semitrailers BONUM


Hurry up to buy your BONUM at very favourable conditions.
Contact a BONUM plant manager for details and terms.

Call +7 863 310 01 22.

*This offer is available up to 15% discount for companies from the Crimea and SFD, and for other regions - up to 10% discount when purchasing BONUM agricultural machinery from leasing partners: Rosagrolizing, Europalan, Stone-XXI, Baltic Leasing, Sber Leasing. For more details please contact the BONUM sales team.