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Promotion for BONUM grain transfer trailer hopper


Until 31.01.2022 by purchasing a BONUM grain transfer trailer hopper you will receive a gift from the factory for your choice

- 30% discount on the Italian weighing system
- canopy system (Europe)

If you are thinking about purchasing a BONUM grain transfer trailer hopper, now is the time.
Limited time offer.

We'd like to remind you that 1432 subsidy is available - 10%-15% off for agricultural producers.

As well as special leasing terms for BONUM customers in all leasing companies.


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Pass the weight control successfully

Optimum axle load distribution. The weight is reduced while maintaining the reliability of the equipment

Perfect paintwork

Enamel durability up to 10 years, premium coating BASF Glasurit

Standards for the carriage of dangerous goods

Semi-trailers comply with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road

Most effective

Will not let you down in any weather and climatic conditions

Ergonomic and comfortable to use

Safe and efficient work, comfort for the driver and operator


Reliable components

All components used in the production of BONUM equipment undergo a strict quality control