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Tipper grain trailer

Tipping semitrailer grain carrier is a semitrailer, which is unloaded by raising the body with the help of hydraulic system.


Dump semitrailers BONUM are universal, they can transport not only agricultural products, but also bulk cargo, some building materials and pallets with finished products.

- universality in terms of transported materials - in operation all year round;

- quick full unloading due to the angle of body lifting up to 45 degrees;

- the strong body and reliable design.


The model line includes BONUM grain dump trailers with steel body (side unloading) and aluminum body (rear or side unloading).



Characteristics of BONUM tipper grain carriers with steel body:

- body volume of 46-60 m3
- welded frame of reinforced design
- side unloading system
- three BINOTTO hydraulic cylinders
- flow divider for uniform lifting of hydraulic cylinders
- hydraulic end stops
- top mounted, hinged side walls;
- rubber seals preventing spilling of grain
- canopy with tensioning belts
- safety slings
- air brake system with ABS


The model is available as 3-axle, 4-axle or 4-wheel version.

The steel tipper grain carrier BONUM has the following advantages

- maximum load shoveling;
- Uniform body lift (Binotto);
- body rollover protection.


Characteristics of BONUM dump grain carriers with aluminum body:

- body volume of 45-58 m3

- curb weight from 6 500 kg
- body made of aluminum profiles
- reinforced welded frame
- double-sided side or rear unloading
- 3 hydraulic cylinders for side unloading or 1 hydraulic cylinder for rear unloading
- galvanized truck mounting brackets
- top mounted, foldable side skirts
- canopy with winding mechanism and locking
- air brake system with ABS

The BONUM Semitrailer body can hold 26 pallets in two rows.



When creating the BONUM technique, our engineers take into account the specificity of Russian roads and climatic features. Plastic components do not deform in low temperatures, and moving and rotating mechanisms remain in good working order.  Our customers operate BONUM semitrailers even in the most remote and harsh regions.


BONUM machines stand up to any challenges and will always work for business and efficiency. Learn more about BONUM products and request a free consultation.