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Tractor tipping semitrailers

The Tipper Tractor Semitrailer (TTTP) is a type of tractor semitrailer with a tipping body. TTTP is indispensable for transporting and unloading agricultural loads: compost, sawdust, silage, etc. It can be used to transport heavy loads, such as root crops and some construction materials.


The low-pressure tires of the BONUM tipping semitrailer allows it to work in the field without compacting the soil. TTTP BONUM in dimensions, so it can move on public roads.


Tractor semitrailer BONUM is cost-effective and efficient. It is reliable, operational and qualitatively performs all tasks. The machine brings maximum benefit and profit to the farm.


We have achieved improved TTTP performance through:


- Full load shoveling due to the 55 degree lifting angle.
- Faster unloading thanks to the conically shaped body.
- Soil care, with special low-pressure tires.
- Possibility of use all year round, for various needs depending on the season.



The specialists of the BONUM plant paid special attention to the reliability of the chassis, because the greatest load during the movement of the trailer falls on this part.


The BONUM tractor tipping semitrailer is manufactured using specially selected, high quality and tested materials and components.


Characteristics of the BONUM tipping tractor semitrailer:

- body volume of 20 m3, optionally can be increased by extension sides up to 30 m3

- up to 20 tonnes of load;
- steel bucket shaped body with steps on the front wall and unloading to the rear
- separable body and chassis design;
- optional 3/4" or "ball" accessory;
- body lifting angle of 55 degrees;
- hydraulically opening tailgate with gate valve for dosing the load;

- air brake system;
- rocker suspension with high-strength half-axles;
-- tires with 2.8 bar under pressure



BONUM agricultural machinery has a particular advantage - all machines are manufactured on universal chassis, which allows you to use the technique all year round for different needs.


You yourself can quickly and easily change the superstructure depending on the season and your work.