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Board grain semi-trailers

On-board grain semitrailer is a hinged semitrailer produced for transportation of agricultural cargo, mainly grain, but the BONUM semitrailer is also suitable for seeds, peas, soybeans and other agricultural products.


The unloading is carried out by gravity, for this purpose the trailer is lifted, usually on a specially equipped platform at the unloading point. The sides are opened manually and the load is unloaded.


Transportation of agricultural goods with the grain-carrier semi-trailers is the most optimal and cost-effective way of transportation.



The onboard grain semi-trailer BONUM is a profitable investment. It allows you to transport a large volume of cargo, and the trailer itself is light, reliable and ergonomic.


- сould carry up to 30.5 tons cargo under weight control;

- sturdy construction and a strong frame;

- body does not deform under load thanks to the tie-bar system and reinforcing ribs;

- increased safety and convenience;

- protection against aggressive environmental factors due to the quality of the paint;

- high value on the secondary market - BONUM looks as good as new even after a long period of use.


BONUM semi-trailers for grain have three-axle and four-axle models.


There are two types of axle bogies among the four-axle models:

- 4 axles (interaxle distance of 1310 mm).

- 3+1 axles - the model with a detached axle (peculiarity of the axle formula is that 1 axle is detached from the rest by 2,51 m). This modification allows to increase tonnage of transported cargo due to a larger margin of axle load.



Specifications of board grain semi-trailers BONUM

- the body volume is 46-60 m3

- curb weight from 5 900 kg

- welded frame of reinforced design

- hinged side walls with top mounting

- canopy 630-680 gr/m2 with winding mechanism and locking

- pneumatic braking system with ABS



BONUM grain semi-trailers are unpretentious in service. All the elements are firmly fixed, but at the same time it is easy to open and lock if necessary. For the convenience of the driver the semitrailer is equipped with steps on the rear and front walls of the body.


It should be noted that the construction of a BONUM grain carrier is very light. At the same time, the strength and reliability of the construction were preserved. This result we have achieved through engineering developments and design solutions developed by our experts.