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Agriculture is one of the key industries. Main purpose of agriculture is to provide the population with food. The main crops are cereals: wheat, rye, flax, sunflower, etc., which are widespread in Russia and the CIS.

BONUM vehicles helps in sowing, harvesting, and transportation of all the above crops. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of all agricultural processes, make them easier, more economical and profitable.

BONUM AGRO LINE project was launched in 2018. During the work of the direction, we have achieved significant results, received positive feedback from customers from different regions of Russia. Our flatbed grain carrier is capable of carrying up to 30.5 tons of cargo under weight control. And a hopper grain trailer accelerates the harvesting speed up to 35%, and this is not the limit of what BONUM machinery is capable of.

We are constantly working on improving existing models and developing new ones. Nowadays, the agricultural industry is developing very rapidly and the machinery has to comply with it. BONUM agricultural vehicles is beautiful, high quality, functional and ergonomic.

Every year, the model range of BONUM AGRO is replenished with new models of equipment.

BONUM vehicles are presented in different configurations and with a wide range of additional options.

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