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Запчасти Bonum

BONUM AGRO LINE - semi-trailed and special equipment for agriculture, developed in cooperation with European engineers.

The BONUM AGRO LINE lineup includes:

  • - equipment for the transportation of agricultural goods
  • - aluminum dump semitrailers
  • - grain carriers
  • - flatbed semitrailers
  • - grain carriersagricultural machinery
  • - bunker-loader
  • - bunker-transformer
  • - tractor trailers
  • - trailers and semi-trailers for transporting agricultural goods

In 2019, several models were successfully presented at once, the special interest of the customers was aroused by a grain carrier semitrailer with an extended axle. The peculiarity of this model is that the first axle is removed from the other three by 2.5 m, which makes it possible to increase the tonnage of the transported cargo due to a larger axle load margin. The BONUM plant took part in major agro-industrial exhibitions and received a positive response from visitors, and subsequently from customers.

In 2020, a large-scale preparation for the launch of new projects was launched: - a line of aluminum dump semitrailers-grain carriers, developed in conjunction with Italian manufacturers - a line of agricultural equipment: bunker-loaders and tractor trailers - a bunker-transformer model that allows you to install various superstructures on the chassis For customers BONUM equipment models are offered in different configurations and with a wide range of additional options.

From the beginning of 2021, all models are available to order for customers.

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