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Tank semi-trailers manufacture
BONUM – quality, reliability, durability

Trade-In from Bonum

BONUM tank semi-trailers for transportation and temporary storage of light and dark oil products and loose freights.

Special leasing programs for BONUM clients

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Advantages of BONUM semi-trailers:
High-quality steel and a special technology of low-temperature welding used by Bonum Company make our tank semi-trailers ideal for use in severe operating and environmental conditions.
Quality of BONUM tank semi-trailers allows us providing extended equipment warranty. Furthermore, we are constantly working on the development of a network of authorized service stations in different regions.
Regular market researches help us to improve the product. We are always ready to meet customers needs and complete BONUM semi-trailers according to their requirements.
Fast delivery of the equipment to any place worldwide.
The BONUM manufactory attaches special significance to ergonomics of the equipment. We constantly enhance the design of tank semi-trailers , provide our own engineering innovations , pay attention to every detail. Making tank semi-trailers more convenient in operation, we help You to save time and other important resources, during each cycle of transportation.
Three-stage painting system and the using of premium class materials increase tankers operational period and guarantee its protection against deep corrosion for more than 10 years.
BONUM industrial quality control touches all the production stages from purchase of raw materials down to the inspection of finished goods quality.
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The photos do not reflect the real beauty of the BONUM semi-trailers.

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Manufacturing process
1. Sheet steel pattern cutting
and fabrication
2. Welding and assembly
3. Three-level painting system

    – Pre-treatment of a tank surface in a shot blasting chamber
    – Treating with a special epoxy zinc containing coating
    – Cover with two component polyurethane-based premium enamel
4. Finishing
   + certification